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Short Composition on Arsenic Problem

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Arsenic Contamination

Introduction: so long the people were mostly concerned with water pollution and air pollution. It should go without saying that water is essential for our life and living. We need pure water for health. But a large number of people of most of the districts in Bangladesh have been suffering from fatal diseases. These kinds of diseases are mostly caused by the arsenic problem.

Water pollution: But water is polluted is many ways. Man pollutes water by throwing waste materials into it. Using chemical. Fertilizer and insecticides farmers pollute water. This polluted water is carried by rain and floods to the river, canals and ponds. Thus these chemical fertilizers are mixed with the water of river and canals and the water is polluted.

Arsenic contamination: In chemistry, arsenic is referred to as violently poisonous with a compound of the bristle element. Now, this element is detected to be present in larger quantities in the tube well eater hazard. Press reports on this matter are drawing the attention of all classes of people to be aware of it after polluted by arsenic causes, many diseases like sores and stomach troubles. Besides, drinking water contaminated by arsenic causes pain in the stomach, caught and eye troubles. Also, there might be such sores in the secret organs of the body which may ultimately reach the stage of cancer.

Present position on Bangladesh: arsenic-contaminated water in Bangladesh has reached an alarming stage. Many lives are lost in the meantime in the different parts of the country. The situation is going from bad to worse day by day. The reason is that most of our people are still ignorant about the dangerous effect of the arsenic problem.

Conclusion: the situation of the present arsenic problem in Bangladesh demands all our preventive measures. Should we fail to do this person will be thrown into a vortex of serious health hazards.

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