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Composition on A Motor Launch Disaster

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The occasion: it was the time of the religious festival in 2015. Offices and industrial concerns were all closed on account of Eid-ul-Azha. People serving at the different place were very eager to go home on the occasion. The launches were ready at Dhaka, Sadarghat. Passengers got on board the launches with their luggage and other belongings, but their number was more than the vessel could accommodate. The owners of the launch did not take into account the possible danger that might result from overloading. The proper authority to stop overloading was not also present there.

The causes of the disaster: the darkness of the evening set in. The sky was overcast with clouds. The weather was quite threatening. The Sargent got the scent of some danger and he told the passengers of this. But the passengers were so eager to reach home and see their relations that the warning could have no effect on them. They insisted on starting the launch and it started accordingly. It was about 9 p.m. when the launch was moving along a wide expanse of water. The apprehended storm began to blow. The launch was tossing on the furious waves of the river. All possible precautions were taken to avoid the apprehended disaster.

The fury of the storm, disaster and relief work: The launch stayed there about two hours. When the situation improved a little, it started off again. It was moving ahead speedily but it could not proceed even a mile when the storm again took a very serious turn. The passengers became sure that they would meet with a watery grave. They experienced a terrible suspense all the while and at last got ready for sure death. Suddenly, to the utter misfortune of the passengers, the launch capsized and water gushed into the hold of it near Satnal under Matlab. The passengers jumped into the water. The women and the children who were ready for the mishap could get little time to jump at the moment. The launch which was packed to suffocation gradually went under water. Many lives were lost in a few minutes. Heart-rending cries were heard even from a distance. On hearing the cries, a fisherman who was nearby came rushing to the spot with their small boats. They began to pick up the floating persons out of the water.

Conclusion: it is a great pity that many passengers could never reach home. Many children became orphans and many women became widows owing to the unexpected and premature death of a good many passengers of the ill-fated launch.

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