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Story on A Son’s Devotion to His Mother

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Suddenly it became totally dark. Esty tried to see anything but failed. Tears came out from his black eyes: He touched his left eye with his left hand. But only he could feel the tears. Then he looked ahead and took his steps boldly. He felt, anyhow he had to reach home. Because he received the news of his mother’s illness just before one hour. There was nobody to take him off from, the school hostel. Having no other alternative, he had to start alone. His hostel super helped him get into a ‘bus and the boy bade him goodbye. But on the way, the bus made an accident. Luckily, he was unhurt and an old man helped him reach home. Reaching home, he heard that his mother was danger-free then. She had been operated upon successfully. Esty felt relief and thanked Allah for saving the life of his mother.


Devotion to Mother

One night, the boy Boyazid was busy with studies. His ailing mother was sleeping. Suddenly she woke up and asked Bayazid to give her a glass of water. But he found no water in the pitcher. So he went to a distant place to bring water. He came back with water and found his mother asleep. He did not wake her. He was waiting for his mother’s awaking. When it was dawn, Bayazid’s mother awoke. She found her son standing by her bed with a glass of water in his hand. She then realized the fact. She embraced her son and blessed him

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