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Email to Your Mother Telling Her About Your Hostel Life

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Question: Suppose, you live in a hostel. Your mother wants to know about your hostel life. Now write an e-mail to your mother telling her about your hostel life.


Subject: About my hostel life

My dear mother,
My salam to you and dad. Hope, you all are keeping in good health by the grace of the Almighty. I am doing fine too.
I know you are very curious to know about my hostel life. Our hostel is a two-storied building within our school compound. A flower garden in front of the building makes it more attractive. Academic atmosphere in the hostel is very good. Strict discipline is maintained in every step of hostel life. The hostel superintendent looks after the administration and academic affairs. He loves the students very much. Everyone is friendly and co-operative. We exchange our views regarding many affairs. The meals are good too. After all, this hostel life is treating me quite nicely. This is all for now.

With best regards.
Your loving son,

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