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Letter To Your Mother About Describing Your Hostel Life

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Question: Write a letter to your mother describing her about your hostel life.

June 30, 2013
35/B/1, Bashabo, Dhaka

My Dear Mother,
I hope this letter will end all your worries about my stay away from you and home.
There is absolutely no difficulty in the hostel. Now the days of initial introduction are over.

Everybody is having a fine time here. The environment of my hostel is very charming. My hostel life is very happy and enjoyable. I can study here attentively. All the students are very helpful and friendly. I have a very fine boy as my roommate. He has habits almost like mine. We help each other and live like brothers. You needn’t be afraid of food and other things. The food served is good and it is not much different from what I ate at home. If anything, there is greater variety. The dining hall is clean and spacious. Our supervisor takes good care of each of us. Not only this, there is a facility for both outdoor and indoor sports. I take part in them regularly.

I am doing fine here. Please do not worry about me. My best regard to you and your father.

With love,

Your loving son

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