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Paragraph on A Journey by Launch

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Journey by Launch’ by answering the questions below.

  • When did you start your journey?
  • Why were you traveling by launch?
  • How was the weather at first?
  • What happened when the storm arose?
  • What did the passengers do?

Answer: It was the month of Ashween. I made a journey by launching from Narayangonj to Narsingdi. I started at 12 noon. The river was calm and quiet. I was enjoying the natural scenery of either Bide or the river banks. The day was bright and sunny. It was a pleasant atmosphere around us. I was gossiping with other passengers. The weather was fair and moderate. As it was the moderate season, the weather was neither hot nor cold. But all of a sudden at 2 pm the sky was overcast with clouds. The whole atmosphere was covered with darkness. The wind began to blow violently. It was accompanied by frequent thundering and lightning. The waves began to swell and dashed violently against the launch. It seemed that the storm would smash the launch into pieces. Moreover, the launch was small and there were no life-boats or life-jackets in the launch. People began to run from one end to another. But the ‘Shareng’ warned us not to cry or move. He anchored the launch by the river bank and stopped the engine. We began to remember the name of Allah and recite surah. At last at 3 pm the storm stopped. We reached our destination at 4 pm safe and sound.

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