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Paragraph on Late Entry in Exam Hall

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Question: Write a paragraph about When You Reached The Examination Hall Late Due to Traffic Jam’ by answering the questions below.

  • What subject was to be held in the examination?
  • When did you start from home?
  • Why were you late?
  • What did you see when you entered the hall?
  • How did you feel when you got the question paper?

When I Reached the Examination Hall Late Due to Traffic Jam

Answer: It was the second day after my Test Examination started. The subject on that day to be held was English 1st Paper. I started from home before an hour. But I kept standing for more than half an hour for a rickshaw. At last, I got a rickshaw. I was supposed to go to Dhaka City College from Motijheel Colony. But when I reached Maghbazar, I was stuck in heavy traffic. There was no way out. About an hour was lost. At last, when I reached the hall, the examination had already started. I took my seat. The teacher gave me an answer script and question paper. I went through the question paper. But I was mentally upset. My heart was beating fast. As I started writing an answer, I forgot in the middle. Then I dropped that question. Again I started writing another question. But I forgot the answer and could not finish it. At last, the final bell rang. I submitted my answer script with a heavy heart. My examination was not at all satisfactory. To reach late in the examination hall is really very embarrassing and it causes pressure on the mind and puts a strain on the body.

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