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Essay on A Journey by Boat

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[Hints: Introduction, Planning, Arrangement, the beginning of the journey, Description of the journey, Reaching the destination, Experience of the journey, Conclusion]

Introduction: Bangladesh is a revering country. So, traveling by boat here is a common picture. In this fast-moving modern age, a journey by boat offers a different taste in communication. It brings us closer to the beauty of Nature.

Planning: During the last autumn I as well as two of my friends planned for a boat journey. We three decided to go to my village home by boat at Barisal.

Arrangement: For the journey, we hired a boat from the river ghat. We took the necessary clothes and snacks with us. We also took sufficient pure drinking watt r before we stepped into the boat.

Beginning of the journey: It was the 15th of July, 2000. Our journey began on Monday at 8 a.m. in the morning.

Description of the journey: The boat was moving on slowly. The small waves of the river water were beating against it producing murmuring sound. After some time the boatman set sail. The boat began to move very fast. When the boat was in mid-stream, the river banks on both sides looked brilliant. Many fishing boats were moving up and down with the sails of different colors. They seemed to be part of a vast painting in watercolor. At midday, the sun was very hot and we took shelter under the curved shed of the boat. Our eyes were dazzled with the spanking water of the river.

We took our -lunch at 1 p.m. and rested for a short while. The natural scenery on both Sides of the river charmed us. Trees, bushes, green fields appeared mysterious. Men and women, boys and girls were seen bathing and swimming at the river Ghats. Some village women were seen going home with jars filled with river water.

Reaching the destination: When the launch reached the Barisal launch terminal it was quite dark around. We got down from it and went to our destination by rickshaw.

Experience of the journey: The journey brought us closer to the beauties of Nature. We could learn about the lifestyle of the people living on either bank of the river.

The negative side of the journey: The launch was carrying passengers and goods far beyond its capacity. So, there Was a fear of untoward happening. The launch was about to sink. I got afraid and prayed to Allah for a safe journey.

Conclusion: Though the journey was made amidst rush and bustle, it left some pleasant memories with me.