Composition A Journey by Boat

[Hints: introduction, description of the journey, scene and sights, at the destination, conclusion]

I like journeys but I like a journey by boat most. During the last summer vacation I, with some of my friends, made a journey by boat from kamalpur to binodpur. It was on the occasion of attending the birthday ceremony of one of our friends. We hired a small boat from the river-side. The boatman was young. The weather was fine and sunny. We started at 10 a.m. the boatman rowed for a while and then set sail. The wind was favourable and the boat was moving fast. There were small waves in the river and there were murmuring sounds. We enjoyed the scene of the river. Many boats of different sizes were playing up and down. The boats with coloured sails presented a nice view. At different places, women were seen fetching water in pitchers. Boys and girls were found bathing and swimming in the river. All these were really enjoyable. At 1 p.m. we came to a bazaar. The boatman cast anchor. We got down and bought some sweetmeats. The boatman sailed again. The evening was approaching, so the sun went down in the western sky. Then it looked like a golden disc. In the evening the birds were chirping and going to their nests. The sun was setting. The golden rays of the sun feel on the ripples of the river. The scenery was very charming. We reached our friends hose in the evening. He received us cordially. A journey by boat in a fair weather is the weather is very pleasant. Our life is full of drudgery and misery. A journey by boat brings about a recreation to our body and mind. We should, therefore, have such a journey for rest and recreation.




A Journey by Boat

Question: Write a short composition on “A Journey by Boat“.

Answer: A journey gives us pleasure. We can see and learn many things if we undertake a journey. A journey is thus an exciting experience for all. It is all the more attractive for a student because it provides him with a relief from the daily routine of books and classroom. One day I had an opportunity for making a pull-ley by boat.

It was a winter evening. It was a holiday. I, along with some of my friends, started our journey from Bhuapur, Tangail through the river Jamuna. The sky was clear. We had brought cooking materials with us. We had utensils too. The journey started at 1:00 pm. Our boat began to move in favor of the wind and current. One man was rowing. Another boatman was guiding us. Slowly the boat was moving. We decided on cooking. My friend Mamun is very expert in cooking. We got a fish from the fishermen who were fishing in the river. Hawn and Martin helped Mamun in processing fish. I boiled rice in an earthen pot. The fish was cooked. Eggs were boiled and the boiled eggs were fried with a mix of curry and spices. Then we finished our lunch with two boatmen.

We began to gossip. Hasan began to play on his guitar. The natural scenery on both the banks charmed us. The ray of the sun started to fade. The green fields and the standing crops on both sides looked very attractive. The thatched houses of the villagers were peeping through the trees.

Many children were playing on the bank of the river. Some women in the villages were busy with carrying water. My friend Harun, a good singer started singing a patriotic song, “Gram chara Oi Rangamatir path.” Mamun started to play on his flute. The boatman also sang, “Mon Majhee for Boitha Nere, A’mi ar baitey Parlam na.”

The sun was setting down. The purpling color of the setting sun made everything reddish in color.
After the immediate setting of the sun, we reached our destination. Our boat reached the ghat of Serajgonj. We got down from the boat. Our journey ended. It was really enjoyable and memorable.

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