Short Composition on Journey by Boat

Introduction: any journey is pleasant to me. But a journey by boat is more pleasant. I like this journey very much. I become thrilled at the prospects of such a journey. Anyway, I want to make such a journey. However, I got a chance of making a journey by boat on a moonlit night. It was more thrilling and pleasant.

Occasion: two years ago I had such an interesting and exciting boat journey. We some friends made a boat journey from Khilkheth to Ulukhola of Rupgonj. It was a month of October. The moon was full. We took a twine on the record player. We had songs by the best singers of Bangladesh and India. We took a decision that we would spend the night singing, gossiping, hearing songs and seeing the beauty of the moonlit night.

Description: the weather was very calm and the moon in full. The river’s water was clear and transparent and the little waves rippling and shining like the plate of silver. The wind was very charming. We had a professional boatman with us. Here and there by the riverside, a group of a fisherman was catching fish. This is the journey form which I got a new experience.

We brought dinner with us. We took it on the boat. The moon was hung in the sky like a silver plate. The boat journey of the night gave us a new experience with mysterious feelings. We listened to songs with us. In the mysterious atmosphere, all song gave us the beautiful imaginary world. We were flying in the dreamy world.

At twelve we reached our destination. Reaching there, we took our dinner and started to come back home. That night was only for us. From y childhood, I like to observe the mysterious night. Through this journey by boat, we enjoyed the said night. One of my cousins name Paritosh was sleeping on the boat. Anyway, I think that it was a memorable incident in my life. We returned to our place at 2 pm. A journey by boat is really pleasing is the weather were favourable. The journey in my heart I bore. It gave me much pleasure. I can never forget the journey of the boat on a moonlit night. It was a moonlit night. The moon becomes reflected in the clear water of the river and all that created charming scenery. Many of us did not want to finish the journey. They wanted to spend the whole night through the happy journey. At last, we went to the railway station by the riverside.

Conclusion: of all journeys, a boat journey is really a pleasant trip. I think none of us can forget the night of the journey by boat. So, one can get more pleasure by the journey by boat.

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