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Composition On A Street Hawker

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Introduction: a street hawker is a familiar figure in a town. He is moving seller of things. He is a seller of a variety of things. He moves from street to street of all big cities and towns with his things to sell.

Different classes of hawkers: there are different classes of hawkers. Some sell toys, clothing’s sweets, fruits etc. some sell utensils, some sell newspapers while some others sell things of domestic use. Most of them bring their things up to people’s doors. But all hawkers would not come to our doors. Some are like shopkeepers who sit with their things on the footpath. Others will stand at street corners and shout for customers. But most of them pass along the streets trying to attract customers.

Description: a street hawker is a man of wit.. with his commodities for sale he passes along streets and gives out interesting cries to draw the attention of the customers. They are generally women of children. A hawker often carries his goods for sale in his hands or over his shoulders. He often carries them in a handcart drawn by him. Thus he goes from one street to another with his moving shop and tries his best in various ways to attract to notice of the customers. He often sings some comic songs loudly to draw a crowd of children around him.

A hawker’s timing and way and way of business: a hawker is a clever man. He brings one kind of goods for children, another kind for women and yet another kind of man. Thus he has to be careful about the things to sell. He generally chooses an hour when the head of the family is away and the women are free from household work. He hopes to make a good sale in this way.

A hawker’s things: a hawker usually brings toys and sweets. So he is a favorite man of the children. His toys are innocent things but the cheap food he sells is often harmful. He sells uncovered food. This spread diseases.

Nature of things: generally the hawker is a very clever man. He knows many tricks to convince the customers. He sells his things after haggling and bargaining.

Conclusion: the hawker is a man of small of small means, but earns his bread in his own way. His profit is generally low. He brings things of our daily use to our doors. So he does us some good.

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