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Dialogue Between You and A Book Seller About Buying A Book

Question: Write a dialogue between you and a bookseller about buying a book.

Answer: A dialogue between myself (Khaya) and a book-seller about buying a book:

Book-seller: Good evening. Can I help you?

Myself: Yes. I’m looking fora a book.

Book-seller: What kind of book?

Myself: It’s mainly children’s storybooks.

Book-seller: Ok, do you have any particular name?

Myself: Yes, I do. I like ‘Cinderella and Mice’ and ‘Men’.

Book-seller: Yes. we have those. I’ll just get them for you.

Myself: Thank you. Do you have the ‘Magic? Faraway Tree’?

Book-seller: Umm. Do you know who the author is?

Myself: I think, Enid Blyton.

Book-seller: Oh! yes, we have the same in our collection, Enid Blyton is very popular with children.

Myself: I like her books very much.

Book-seller: Do you want any more books?

Myself: That’s all for the moment.

Book-seller: Here’s your bill, sir.

Myself: Thank you very much.

Book-seller: You’re welcome.

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