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Paragraph on A Book Shop

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A book shop is a place where different kinds of textbooks or reference books are sold. It is a very important place for all educated persons. Most of the customers of the book shop are book lovers of all ages. It is most familiar to the students. Generally, a book shop is seen beside any educational institutions like – school, college or university. Besides them, it is also found in a stationary marketplace. In a book shop, there are different shelves which are nicely arranged. It is seen that the books are categorized according to the types. From a book shop, we can buy our textbooks, storybooks, novels, dictionaries, science fiction books, pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, etc. We can also get the binding paper, color paper, graph paper, and hand notes from different publishers. Generally in a book shop, there are a manager and one or two booksellers who always serve the customers. In fact, a book shop always plays an important role for the readers and mostly the students.

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