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Short Paragraph on Paper

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Paper is the most useful gift of human skill. We write and print on paper. We keep our office records on paper. Students make their tasks on paper. We cannot do without paper. This useful paper is made from the fibers of different plants, bamboo, grass, straw, and softwood. All these things are cut into small pieces and kept in water then boiled with chemicals. Then they are turned into wood pulp. Wood-pulp is made of crushing wood by machines. Paper is used for writing, decoration, and packing. Toys and kites also are made of it.



  1. What is paper?
  2. How many kinds is it?
  3. How many kinds of colors are there?
  4. How is it used?
  5. Why and where is it used?

Answer: paper is a kind of thing that is thin. Generally, we write on it. Paper is of different kinds. Some of them are very thin and fine. Some are thick and some are hard etc. they are also of various colors as; white, red, green, blue, yellow, and some others. Paper is specially used for writing and printing. It is also used in decorating houses, gates, lines, wings, etc. a kind of hard paper is used in binding books, making packets, toys, and boxes, and also in various kinds of important works. Paper is used in schools, colleges, universities, business firms, and all offices. In a word, we can not do without paper even a day.



  • What is paper?
    What is paper made from?
  • What are the different sizes of paper?
  • How is paper useful to us?
  • How does paper help spreading education?

Answer: paper is one of the essential things of our day-to-day life. It is made from straw, grass, bamboo, wood, rags, and wastes things. It varies in size, color, and quality. It is of various sizes; foolscap, demy, double demy, crown, double crown, royal, etc. paper is a very useful thing. It is used in writing books, printing newspapers, and recording documents. Colored paper is used for packing things and building answers in the examinations. Paper in keeping notes and writing answers In the examinations, culture, and knowledge. The world of publication is impossible without paper. Truly speaking, we connote think of modern civilization without paper.

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