Describe the Graph of The Comparative Selling Rate of Books in Ekushey Boimela

Question: Look at the following graphs. It shows a comparative selling rack of four types of books in Ekushey Biomela 2020. Now describe the graph in your own words.

Comparative Selling Rack of Books

Answer: The graph shows a comparative selling rate of four types of books Science fiction, Novel, History and Poetry in Ekushey Boimela (Amar Ekushey Book Fair). The selling number of books was different. 3000 science fiction books, 4700 novels, 2800 history books and 900 poetry books were sold in the fair. The first highest number of selling was novel, the second highest was science fiction, the third-highest was history books and the lowest number was poetry. To conclude, it can be said that people are being attracted to read the novel in which they can get similarity of their practical life. But the graph also shows that people have lost their interest to read poetry books with the passage of time.

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