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Dialogue Between Yourself and The Bookseller

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Question: You went to a bookshop to buy some books. Think of a book you wanted to buy. The bookseller didn’t get which you wanted but offered an alternative. Write a dialogue between yourself and the bookseller.


Answer: A dialogue between myself and the bookseller:

Myself: Do you, by any chance. have Crime and Punishment, please?

Bookseller: I’m afraid it’s sold out.

Myself: Sold out? I don’t think it’s possible. This book cannot be in such great demand.

Bookseller: Wait a minute. sir. Do you have the history book in mind, the one written by John Brown?

Myself: Oh, not at all. I mean the world-famous novel by the great Russian novelist Dostoevsky. I doubt if there’s any history book of this name. I think you’re mixed up.

Bookseller: Oh dear. I’m really mixed up. I’m sorry. sir. Perhaps I should have been a little more careful.

Myself: Now, don’t worry about that. Tell me how long it will take you to get me a copy of the book. I need it soon.

Bookseller: If you could give me two weeks’ time … I’ll place the order right away.

Myself: Thank you . . . Could you give me the fiction catalog? I’d like to browse through some of your latest arrivals and may select some of them to buy.

Bookseller: Yes, by all means, sir. Here’s the catalog. You’ll find fictions here.

Myself: Where exactly can I find the latest arrivals?

Bookseller: In the beginning of the catalog.

Myself: Thanks.

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