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Dialogue Between You and The Bookseller

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Question: You Want To Buy A Book From A Book Shop. Now Write A Dialogue Between You And The Bookseller.



Myself: Do You Have ‘War And Peach’, Place?

Bookseller: I’m Afraid It’s Been Sold Out.

Myself: Sold Out? I Don’t Think It Is Possible. Please, Look For It Carefully.

Bookseller: Wait A Minute, Please…Do You Want ‘War And Peace By Leo Tolstoy?’

Myself: Yes.

Bookseller: I’ve got a Copy. Here It Is.

Myself: What’s The Price, Please?

Bookseller: Six Hundred Taka.

Myself: It’s Too Much.

Bookseller: It’s An Original Copy. I Can Deduct Fifty Taka For You.

Myself: All Right. Please, Pack It For Me.

Bookseller: Goodbye.

Myself: Goodbye.

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