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Short Paragraph on A Street Hawker

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  1. Where is a hawker found?
  2. How does he carry his articles?
  3. What articles does he sell?
  4. What does he do to sell his articles?
  5. When does he approach the women and the children?

Answer: A Street hawker is a petty businessman. He is a very familiar figure. He is seen in cities, towns. Even in villages and at different stations. He carries everything with him and moves from place to place. He carries things sometimes in his hand. Sometimes in his hands, sometimes in a bag, and sometimes in a small handcart. He sells various kinds of things including sweets, drinks, ice-cream, chanachur (Bombay mix), fancy goods, cosmetics, utensils, books, newspapers, clothing, and hat not. He uses various tricks to draw the attention of the buyers. He cries out the names of articles in a peculiar voice. Sometimes he starts singing, dancing, or even action. He is a very clever fellow. He knows the time of his business. He approaches the women and children at noon while the male members remain busy outside. He sells things at a cheaper rate than that of permanent shopkeepers. The things he sells are mostly chefs. They have only-catching outward shows. He has to lead a very hard life with poor income.


A Street Hawker


  1. Who is a street hawker?
  2. What does a street hawker do?
  3. What sort of man is a street hawker?
  4. What does he sell?
  5. How does he attract the attention of customers?
  6. When does a street hawker come out to sell his things?

Answer: A street hawker deals in various things by hawking from street to street. He carries his materials on the head and sometimes in hand and sometimes in a small handcart. He generally buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. A street hawker is very cunning. He knows his business very well. His customers are children and women. He brings toys, sweets, and other things for children and sells them at a fixed price at a good rate. He also brings bangles, ribbons, clothing, fruits, utensils, fancy goods, and things of domestic use for women. He speaks in different ways to draw the attention of his customers. A hawker also knows the time/hour of his business. He does not come when housemasters are at home. Rather he comes when housemasters are out of the home and when women are free from their household work and duties.

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