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Paragraph on Newspaper

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph (100 words).

  1. What is a newspaper?
  2. When was the newspaper published first?
  3. What is the necessity of a newspaper?
  4. What are the demerits of a newspaper?
  5. How are the people benefiting from a newspaper?

Answer: The newspaper is a moving mirror of the world we live in. During the 17th century, the newspaper was first published in China. Through reading newspapers, one can acquire all the important news at a glance. A newspaper can help a student in many ways. It can provide extra knowledge about the world’s people and their customs and cultures. By reading the newspaper, a student can easily acquire general knowledge which may help to build up his/her future life. A newspaper sharpens the intellect and makes one curious to know about them. world outside. If a student reads a newspaper regularly, he will certainly enrich his/her vocabulary and improve his/her style of writing. A student can utilize this knowledge in his or her practical life. A newspaper plays a vital role in the life of a human being. To ignore newspapers is like keeping our eyes shut. It not only reflects what is happening but also tells us why it is happening. Sometimes a newspaper gives biased and false news and comments and thus misleads the readers. One should not, however, be blindly influenced by these comments. It is important for a reader not to rely entirely on what he reads in newspapers. Every reader should judge for himself the value of what the newspaper tells him.


Paragraph on Newspaper

Question: You have been asked to write about the newspaper. (Include details about its history, kinds, usefulness, etc.)

Answer: Ours is an age of modern science. Modern science has invented new ways and means for our comfort. Newspaper is a wonder of modern science. A newspaper is a paper that carries news and views of home and abroad to us. In the morning We wait eagerly for a newspaper. We cannot have our breakfast without a newspaper of the day. We cannot do a single day without a newspaper. It is a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. The newspaper was first published in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The Indian Gazette which was the first newspaper in Indo-Bangladesh was published in 1774. The Samachar Darpan is the first Bengali Newspaper. The Christian missionaries of Srerampore published it. Now those days are gone by. Man invented the printing machine. Thousands of newspapers are being printed daily all over the world. There are many kinds of newspapers. They are dailies and biweeklies. weeklies, monthlies, and even quarterlies. The dailies contain news and views about the daily affairs of the whole world. There are some other papers that are known as periodicals and magazines. They contain literary articles. There are many English and Bengali dailies in our country. They are the Ittefaq, The Banglar Bani. The Inqilab. The Observer. The Bangladesh Times etc. Global distance has been removed. The world has become smaller. One part of the world has been linked up with another through newspapers. Newspaper is of great use to us. It serves the purpose of people of different sections. We get all sorts of -information in the newspapers. We come to know through them what is going on in the world around us. They give us news about politics, economics. culture, literature. games and sports of the whole world.

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