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Paragraph on Street Children

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Street children are those who have no fixed place to live in. They move on the streets. The condition of the street children is very pathetic. They eat leftover rice from the roadside dustbins. They sleep on the footpaths. They live under the open sky. The street is their home. So, they are called street children. They do many risky jobs. Yet, they are unpaid. Sometimes, they are involved in illegal activities. They are tortured by the police. They have none to their bear expenditure. They are left by their parents. They are deprived of education, clothes, food, accommodation, and treatment. They are deprived of a happy life. Gabtali, Camlapur, Syedabade, and Sadarghat are their places. We should stand beside them. Both governmental and non-governmental organizations should come forward in this regard.

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