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Paragraph on A Street Hawker

Question: Write a paragraph about a ‘Street Hawker’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. Who is a street-hawker?
  2. What sort of man is a street hawker?
  3. What do you know about his dress?
  4. How is his appearance?
  5. How does lie attract the attention of the customers?
  6. What does he do usually?
  7. Where does he usually live?
  8. What does he usually sell?
  9. When does a street hawker come out to sell his things?
  10. How is his way of living? Or, how is his economic condition? Or, how is his lifestyle?? Or, how does he earn his livelihood?

Answer: A street hawker is a person who sells various things by moving from street to street. He is a self-employed person. He is the most familiar figure in the cities and towns. In a village, he is also seen. He wears a peculiar dress of different colors and makes a peculiar sound to draw the attention of his customers. His work is tiresome. He carries his materials on the head, sometimes in hand, sometimes in a bag and sometimes in a small handcart. He generally buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. His goods are mainly attracted to women and children. He usually sells toys, cosmetics, ready-made garments, utensils, sweets, ribbons, fruits, etc. Generally, in the absence of the housemaster, he comes to sell his goods. He adopts different techniques to convince his customers. He claims that his products are the best in quality. As children are his good customers, he maintains good communication with them. However, although a street hawker works hard, he does not earn much. He has a very small capital and earns little. So, he maintains his family with great hardship. We should respect him because he earns his living by the sweat of his brow.