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Paragraph on Arsenic Pollution

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Question: Suppose, you are Faridul. Your grandfather and grandmother live at Chatmohar in Pabna District. Once, you went there. You saw many village people who were Arsenic affected. Then you told them about the danger of arsenic and its carefulness. Now, write a paragraph about arsenic.

Answer: In our day to day life we experience a new kind of problem. Our environment is facing new pollution day by day. Arsenic pollution is one of them and it seems to be looming larger as the days go ahead. Arsenic is a tasteless, colorless and smells less metalloid substance commonly found in groundwater. It causes much harm to human life very slowly. It is found in water especially in tubewell water. By drinking arsenic-contaminated water people get diseases in various ways. It causes sore in palms of the legs and hands of people. Sometimes, the sore turn into gangrene and then to cancer. So arsenic pollution is a great threat to human life. At present, there is no effective medical treatment to prevent arsenic pollution. To prevent this one should take a balanced diet and arsenic-free water. There are also some ways which we can take to prevent this. Like, we should identify an alternative water source instead of using the tubewell water, rainwater can be used and we should make the tube-well in which water is arsenic-contaminated. Arsenic is a poison. If it gets mixed in our body, we are sure to suffer in life. So we should take the utmost care and guard against this poison. We should find out an effective way of remedy to this problem.

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