Paragraph on How to Celebrate an Eid Day

Question: suppose, you are sharif, your friend is Shajan asks you how you will celebrate the eid day. Now write a paragraph telling your friend how you will pass the eid day.

Answer: The eid is the greatest fo all festivals of the Muslims in the world. All Muslims especially the young ones waits for eid as it draws near. After the month-long Ramadan remain busy to make a plan about how I would enjoy the Eid day. First I shall get up from bed early in the morning on the eid day. After having a bath I shall put new dresses. Then, I shall embrace the people present there. Next, I shall go to the graveyard with my father and pray for the departed souls. Returning to my house, I shall make salam to the elders and they will give us dua and then they give us some money as eid tips. After that, I shall go to meet with my friends and neighbours and exchange greetings with them. My mother will cook Shemai, biriani and other delicious food for us. I shall enjoy this delicious food with the other members of my family. I shall spend the afternoon with my friends we shall have a lot of fun there, and pass our time in merrymaking. I shall return my house a lot of fun there, and pass our time in the evening. I shall return my house in the evening and pass the time. Finally, I shall return to my house. In the evening. Then I shall enjoy special TV programmes. After enjoying the TV programmes I shall go to bed.

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