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Paragraph on My Last Birthday Party

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Do you celebrate your birthday?
  2. Whom do you invite to it?
  3. When did you celebrate your last birthday?
  4. What arrangements did you make for it?
  5. How did you enjoy it?

Answer: A birthday party is a happy and attractive occasion in a modern society. It is observed on one’s birthday. It comes once every year with joy and merriment. I celebrated my last birthday on 1st December 2017. I was 17. It was the fifteenth birthday of mine. I invited my friends and relatives. It was held at our residence at Gulshan. On this occasion, our drawing room was nicely decorated with flowers and festoons. The house wore a festive look. We ordered a birthday cake. My father bought a fine new dress for me and my mother was going to give me a pleasant surprise. The cake arrived in time. Different items of foods were placed on the table. My friends and guests began to arrive by twos and threes. By 5 o’clock everybody arrived. We all stood around the dining table. I merrily cut the cake. A round of applause followed. Plates full of delicious food items were handed over to the guests. We ate them in the midst of merriments, songs, and music. The camera of my brother was clicking on. He took pictures of rare moments. The presents brought by my friends and others were given to me. I thanked them all. I enjoyed the day very much. The party was rounded off with a chorus ‘Happy birthday to you’.

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