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Paragraph on Soil Pollution

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Soil Pollution.’ Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. What is soil pollution?
  2. How is soil polluted by industrial waste?
  3. How is soil polluted by household wastes?
  4. How is soil polluted by fertilizers and chemicals?
  5. How can soil pollution be prevented?

Answer: Soil pollution means the pollution of soil caused by wastes disposed of the soil. Our soil is being polluted in various ways. We have an enormous volume of industrial waste which is being accumulated every day but not being managed properly. The mismanagement of household wastes, particularly the polythene shopping bags, has caused a serious threat to the soil and the drainage system. Another cause of soil pollution is the use of agricultural pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Sometimes fuel leakages from automobiles may get washed away by rain and seep into the nearby soil. Pesticides and fertilizers are useful for plant growth but their overuse has led to soil pollution. De-forestation also causes erosion, pollution and the loss of fertility in the topsoil. Whatever may be the causes of soil pollution, it must be kept under control to ensure a healthy life. Managing the wastes properly, using natural fertilizers and compost instead of chemical fertilizers, planting trees, etc can do a lot to prevent soil pollution.