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Paragraph on Acid Pollution

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Question: What do you know about acid pollution? Suppose, your English teacher discussed acid pollution yesterday. Now write a paragraph about what they said about acid pollution. You will have to include the following keywords:

  • What is acid pollution?
  • How it is harmful?

Answer: Acid is a chemical compound, usually a liquid that contents hydrogen and has a PH of less than seven. Acids are usually sour and can afterburn holes in our damage things they touch. When something is polluted by acid then It is called acid pollution. Acid corrodes things. Acid pollution can cause damage to trees lakes, wildlife, buildings. Many of the world’s famous buildings are at risk of acid pollution. Damage to the beautiful Taj Mahal in India caused by Sulphur pollution from nearby oil refineries was one of the nest indicators of acid pollution occurring in the developing world. Acid is also harmful to human life. There is a link between acid pollution and damage to human life. The is a link between acid pollution and damage to human health. So, the fact of acid pollution should be taken seriously. We should not let anything be polluted by acid.

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