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Paragraph on Internet

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  1. What is the internet?
  2. What is needed to use the internet?
  3. How can one get information?
  4. What are the uses of the internet?

Answer: The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard internet protocol suite to serve several billion users worldwide. In other words, it may be called a network of communication via computers all over the world. Anyone with a computer may log on to the internet. However, one must have a particular software. The Internet has countless advantages. One may get any information one needs on the net. This is of great advantage to students in their studies, especially when they are preparing reports. People engaged in research benefit greatly because they can learn about research all over the world and apply it. Thus, it is anticipated that science and technology will advance at unprecedented speed. The common man may have many queries. They will get all the answers on the net. One may learn about famous people’s television programs, sports and other things of interest. One can read the newspaper on the net. One can apply for a job, and one can get applications, one can shop and one can advertise. One can keep track of one’s bank account. In this way, the internet has paved the way for enormous advantages.


Paragraph on The Internet

Question: Write a paragraph about the ‘Internet‘. In your paragraph, describe the broadcasting use in different ways of the Internet.

Answer: The Internet is the latest discovery as well as the blessing of human beings of science and the greatest advancement in the field of communication. It is a computerized process with a telephone set. To get an Internet connection, it requires a modern telephone line and a different sort of software for using the network system. Like a telephone number, its own number maintains the Internet. There are two types of Internet. They are the online Internet and off-line Internet. The Internet usually gets a connection from three networking systems. They are LAN (Local Area Network). MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and WAN (World Wide Area Network). Now a day the Internet is of great use to us. It has made the world smaller within a very short time. It has widened our knowledge and made us thirstier for the unknown. It is a miracle. It works like our dream and does whatnot.

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