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Style of Paragraph Writing

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Definition of Paragraph: A paragraph is a unit of much information unified by central, controlling ideas and themes. It consists of a few sentences and all the sentences refer to a single topic or idea. In the paragraph, there is only one idea that is introduced, developed, and concluded in a psychologically satisfying way. A paragraph has three parts which are beginning, middle and end. The sentences of a paragraph are related to each other; all of them are arranged in a logical sequence and tied together with linking devices or sentence linkers.

The Beginning or Topic Sentence: The sentence which introduces the topic of a paragraph or makes a thesis statement is known as the topic sentence. It introduces the subject and indicates what is going to say about the topic. It also presents a subject and an attitude towards the subject. All the sentences are not the topic sentences, only those that have both a subject and an attitude are called a topic sentence.

The Middle or Body: It explains the subject and provides details on the topic. According to the beginning, it continues the information according to the topic gradually and explains the topic deeply and informatively.

The Conclusion or End: It sums up and reaches some conclusion about the topic. To complete the discussion, a concluding sentence is needed to pull together the group of sentences that make up the body of the paragraph.

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