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Short Composition on Library and Its Uses

Question: Write a composition that expresses your views about “Library and Its Uses.

Answer: A library is a place where we see a large collection of books for reading. A library may be centred into a room or a building. We come across various types of libraries. Some libraries are owned by individuals. There are also some libraries which are run by the government. We can see that many institutions, academies, research centres, etc. have libraries of their own.

We find many public libraries located in big cities and towns. These libraries are run by and managed by the government. These are open to the public. Anyone can be the member an borrow books from here. The people can easily study here when the library remains open Many institutions like a university, a college or a school, an academy, a club and an office o any organization usually have libraries. The people working in the concerned institutions can use the library to serve their purpose.

The library is called the storehouse of knowledge. All the writings of great men of the world are stored in a library. We can be acquainted with their ideas and thoughts which they have conveyed for the development and welfare of the mankind. For research work, we must use the libraries because these libraries contain the collection of rare books, manuscripts and old records.

People enter the library in pursuit of knowledge and thirst for learning which he can gain by using the library. The library helps to grow enlightened man. When a man acquires knowledge, he gets the light of education and culture, he becomes enlightened, sophisticated and cultured. An educated man receives his education by reading and using the library.

So the library is a place which creates soothing mind and which can be used as the centre for mental and spiritual treatment.