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Essay on My Neighbors

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[Hints: Introduction; An account of neighbors; Their different ways of life; Nature of my neighbor; Their importance; Conclusion]

Introduction: Man cannot live alone. He lives with others in society. He inhabits a particular place with others making a home of his own. These others who live near about his dwelling are his neighbors.

An account of my neighbors: I live in a town. My neighbors also live in this town. They belong to a different profession, Some of them are service holders. Some of them are businessmen. Some are students and some are day laborers. They are all good neighbors.

Their different ways of life: My neighbors are different and so their ways of life also different. The service holders lead a-routine bound life. They get up very early in the morning and do their morning duties in a hurry. The businessmen are also conscious about theirs. duties. The students go to schools and college. The day laborers go out to get their works.

Nature of my neighbor: Many of my neighbors are sociable frank and well-behaved. So and relationship with them would bring always a good relationship with them would bring always a good result. We co-operate with one another. We are fellow-feeling among ourselves. When there is any cause of quarried between two neighbors, they conic forward to remove the cause of discord.

Their importance: It has been said that man is a social animal. That would be true when we will think of our neighbors. We cannot live properly if we do not get help and co-operation from our neighbors.

Conclusion: Everybody has many duties to his neighbors. The mold is not put any difficulties in their way, on the contrary, he should remove their difficulties. He should try to relieve their suffering. In short, he should stand by his neighbors in posterity and in adversity.

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