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Essay on Obedience to Parents

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Introduction: “Duty towards parer is is duty towards Allah.” — is a divine saying. So, accomplishing the divine duties towards parents, none can reach towards the top of life. It’s the greatest religion. No other virtue is as great as obedience to parents. Because parents are the source of our life on earth.

Reasons for obedience: When we were more child, we could not speak to them albeit we were hungry, but they could easily understand our hunger. We should, therefore, serve and please them through good conduct.

Our duties to them: Our first duty is to obey them. We should always look after the happiness and comfort of our parents. We should not do anything that may wound their feelings and mental peace. When they become old, we should look after them with tenderness and care. Above all, we should have the greatest respect for them in all matters.

Obedience to parents in east and west: There is some difference between our relationship with parents than that of the western society. Our tradition is to live with our parents. As long as they live we should do our duties towards them. In a western country that is not so. Children, after marriage, get separated from their parents. Then the parents have to jive on state help.

Virtues of obedience: According to Hadith, “Heaven lies beneath the feet of parents”. Islam says. “To please their parents is to please Allah.” Moses taught, “Honour their parents so that they days may be long.” “The Hindu scriptures say, “Mother and motherland are superior to Heaven.”

Conclusion: A man, not kind and respectful to his parents, is an ungrateful creature. So, not knowing why, all of us should be obedient and dutiful to them.

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