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Essay on Student Life

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[Hints: Introduction, Period of preparation, primary duty, Formation of the charter.]

Introduction: Education is one of the basic needs of man. Since the dawn of civilization, man has been showing his highest amount of zeal in the purest of knowledge. We get this knowledge through education which we can have both formally namely at schools, colleges, universities etc. or informally that is at home. The part of our life that we spend to have our formal education at any, of the institutions, is called student life. It is the best part of our life.

Period of preparation: Student life is the seed time of life. During this time, a student has to work very hard without wasting a single moment for, his future success depends on how best he utilizes his time.

The first duty/primary duty: The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. He should read his lessons regularly and attentively. He should live a comparatively solitary life for the sake of studies. But he must not confine himself to the prescribed books or the textbooks only. He has to do other, duties too during his leisure. He/she should read newspapers, magazines, interesting books such as – novels, books on travels and poems etc. This kind of reading will widen his mental horizon and enable him to be acquainted with many things in the world.

Formation of character/Different qualities: Only a sound character can guarantee a long-lasting peace, prosperity, and happiness to a man. Incidentally, it is the student life which is the formative period of one’s character. Hence all good habits like truthfulness, punctuality, honesty, perseverance etc. have to be formed in the very early of our student life. He/she should be obedient to his superiors and affectionate to his younger brothers and sisters. He/she should avoid evil company by all means and keep good company.

Other duties/duties other than studies: Duties of a student imply the responsibilities of a student during his/her education attainment period. It means the following things:-

i) Soda activities/duties to society: Apart from studies, a student has some social duties. The most important duty of students lies in removing illiteracy among the people. Students can do this duty during their holidays. They can go to villages and make people aware of the importance of education. They can do a great deal of service to educate people. They can set up night schools also for this purpose.

ii) Duties/service to common people: Students can help the common people in different ways. They can help the farmers by telling them of the need for scientific methods of cultivation. They can also help people understand the importance of family planning, malnutrition, sanitation, population explosion etc.

iii) Service in health programs: Students can do a lot for national health. In this case, a female student’s role is very important. They can teach illiterate womenfolk how to bring, up to their children and take care of their health. Besides, all students, in general, can teach ordinary people how to keep the environment free and clean.

iv) Service in time of calamity: Students can help the suffering people during calamities. In such situations, they can collect funds for homeless and penniless people and take part in relief operations. They can distribute food, medicine, pure drinking’ water, and clothes to the victim. Thus they contribute a lot to the alleviation of the sufferings of the affected people.

v) Duties to the parents and teachers: A student’ has sufficient duties to the parent’s teachers God. He/she must be obedient to his/her parents. lie/she should be religious minded. He/she should do his house tasks regularly.

vi) Duties to the country: In fact, a student has prestigious duties. Concerning the duties of student Mahatma Gandhi opines:-“The students, the future leader of the whole world, should build themselves with profound care for, they house earnest responsibility to the whole world.”

Co-curricular activities: A student should get himself involved in co or extracurricular activities. He/she must take care of his health because sound mind lives in a sound body. For this, he/she should take physical exercise regularly. A student should take part in many extracurricular activities such as debate, sports, games etc. Excursion and study tour will increase his knowledge. Thus a student has to train up his mind, body, and brain. Indeed all these things will drive his monitory.

Conclusion: Student life is the life full of duties and responsibilities. It is the seed time of a man’s life and must be utilized properly. Opportunities once shipped in this life, would seldom come again. Mistakes once committed in this period can hardly be rectified later on. So it is the only duty of a student to use his time properly. Finally, we can opine that if a student performs all the duties imposet1 on him/her, he/she will surely succeed in life. In the wards of kazi Nazrul Islam says. “We are strength, Ne v e are energy, We are group of students.”