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Composition on The Student Life

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Introduction: student life means to a period of a man life which he spends in different educational institutions for acquiring knowledge. Student life is the best periods of human life. It is the life of preparation-preparation for the struggle of life. It is rightly called the seed time of human life.

Main duty: A student first and foremost duty is to study with all his devotion. He should strain all his time, energy and faculties for the cause of learning. Of course, he should not confine himself to the textbook only. He should read newspapers, magazines, novels, and dramas during his leisure-period; he should also take part in the extra-curricular activities like games and sports.

Choice of career: student life is the best time for choosing a career for future. A student cannot expect to reach his desired goal of a life without having a well-chosen career. He should know that an aimless life is like a ship without.

Use of time: a student must make the best use of his time. He should know. ‘Time and tide wait for nine.’ And ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. He should always follow the maxim. ‘Work while you work, play while you play.’

The habit of good health: health is wealth. A student must possess a good health by taking proper foods and health care. He should bear in mind that a poor man with good health is much happier than a monarch with ill-health.

The habit of discipline: discipline is the key to all success in life. A life without discipline is nothing more than a life full of chaos and anarchy. A student is a citizen in the making. So he must follow the rules of discipline strictly in every sphere of his life.

Use of daily routine: daily life is the best life to succeed in life. We know that art is long, but time is short. The success and attainments of life largely depend on using this short time wisely, properly and effectively. So a student must follow a well-designed timetable to reach the desired goal of his life.

Formation of character: character is the crown and glory of human life. A man of character is honored and respected everywhere by one and all. Student life is the best period the build-up character of the solid foundation of honesty, loyalty, fraternity, truthfulness, and fellow-feelings.

The habit of hard work: life is not a bed of roses. It is like a battle to be fought valiantly. A student must work hard to win the battle of life. He should remember ‘an idle brain is the devil’s workshop’ and ‘Industry is the mother of good luck.’

Love for the country: love for country is a noble virtue of a man’s life. A student of today will lead the nation tomorrow. So he must cultivate the nation tomorrow. So he must cultivate the sweet feelings of patriotism from his student life and face all upcoming challenges with undaunted spirit and boldness.

Service for society: a student’s second duty is to render voluntary services for the welfare of the society. He can help educate the illiterate people, give them knowledge about health and sanitation, redress their sufferings during natural disasters, pursue them to adopt family planning, and motivate farmers to introduce a scientific method of cultivation and the like.

Avoiding politics: students are the future hope and strength of the nation. They should not spoil their valuable life by getting involved in politics. They are more than often to take part in politics actively and thereby do a lot of harms to themselves. Hence students must not indulge in politics in any way during their student life.

Conclusion: student life is the foundation stone for the future struggle of life. This is why the students should try again and yet again and over again to come out successful. He should always act upon the maxim:

“Though you stumble off boys, never be downcast;
Try again and again, you will succeed at last.”