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Paragraph on An Ideal Student

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  1. Who is an ideal student?
  2. What does he consider his main duty?
  3. Does he follow a dilly routine?
  4. What does he do in the classroom?
  5. How does he behave?
  6. Does he perform any extracurricular activities?
  7. What special qualities does he possess?

Question: a student who follows an ideal course for a good student is called an ideal student. He considers reading, writing and learning his first and foremost duty. He does the right thing at the right time. He leads a routine-bound life and makes his lessons properly. He goes to school regularly and listens to his teachers with deep attention. He always follows the rule of discipline and respects his teachers and superiors. He is polite, sincere, honest and well-behaved. He is also helpful to his fellow students. He follows the rules of health strictly and takes part in extra-curricular activities like games and sports. He keeps good company and follows the motto ‘plain living and high thinking’. He possesses and good moral character. An ideal student is the pride and glory of a nation.


Paragraph on An Ideal Student

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘An Ideal Student.’ Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. Who is an ideal student?
  2. How is he punctual?
  3. Does he cram anything?
  4. What does lie do to maintain sound health?
  5. What role does he play for the welfare of the weak students?
  6. What is his way of life?

Answer: An ideal student is good as a student and as a human being. He possesses many good qualities. First of all, Ile is a good student. He goes to school regularly and learns his lessons properly. He is very attentive in the class. Secondly, an ideal student is well-behaved. He respects his teachers and parents very much. He shows due respect to other people who are his senior. He gives a tender to his junior. Thirdly, an ideal student takes care of his health. He is an early riser. He goes out for a morning walk. He plays outdoor games in the afternoon. Fourthly, an ideal student has some moral values. He does not tell a lie. He does not cheat people. He does not copy in the examination. Fifthly, an ideal student takes part in extra-curricular activities. He may take part in debating, acting, singing and many other activities. Lastly, an ideal student is very co-operative and helpful to his classmates and other people. He is never angry with anyone. He is a model figure for other students to follow.

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