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Paragraph on Outdoor Games

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Outdoor games are those that are played out of doors. There are many kinds of outdoor games such as football, cricket, hockey, badminton, volleyball, ha-do-do, etc. All of them are good for us to keep our body fit and healthy. Besides, they are necessary to remain physically and mentally fit. They provide physical exercise in an interesting way. There are some more benefits of outdoor games. They remove our laziness and monotony. They help us build social bonds and increase co-operation among us. Again they make the physical and mental development. People of all ages can take part in outdoor games especially the young. To arrange some outdoor games, we have to spend a lot of money. Those who are good at playing outdoor games are benefited from money and valuable awards. In comparison to indoor games, outdoor games have more advantages. In spite of the advantages, there are some disadvantages too. In the case of students, if they spend too much time playing outdoor games, it may hamper their studies. As a result, they lag behind. Another point is that we have to be careful that the competition in the games must not be unhealthy and it should not result in any unwanted situation. On some special days, they are arranged far and wide in the country by different organizations. Outdoor games are held not only within the country but also out of the country. In fine, outdoor games are important for us. So, we should involve ourselves in outdoor games in our free time. Candidly speaking, they are a must for our physical and mental development.

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