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Composition on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

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Introduction: Sheikh mujibur rahman is the architect of free and sovereign Bangladesh. Independent Bangladesh and the independent Bengalee nation cannot be thought of without sheikh muibur rahman. He and Bangladesh are inseparable. He is the symbol of the Bangali entity. He is one of the greatest leaders in the world.
His birth and education: sheikh mujibur rahman was born on the 17th March 1920 at tungipara in the district of Gopalgonj. Sheikh lutfur rahman was his father. Begum sayera khatun was his mother. He received his primary education at gimadanga primary school. He passed the entrance examination from Gopalganj mission high school. He passed the B.A examination from Calcutta Islamia College in 1945. While he was in that college he came in contact with Hossain shahid sohrawardy and subhash bose.

His political activities: sheikh mujibur rahman’s life was eventful. Where there was any injustice there was sheikh mujib with his thunder voice. In 1948 Urdu was declared the state language of Pakistan ignoring bangle, the language of the majority people. when the movement had reached the climax, he was arrested in 1953 sheikh mujib became the general secretary of the Awami League and formed the united front in co-operation with sher-e-bangla A.K. fazlul huq and Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani. In the election of 1954, the united front defeated the Muslim league and sheikh mujib became a provincial minister. But the united front government fell due to Pakistani conspiracy. Martial law was promulgated.

The then general Ayub khan came to power. Sheikh Mujib was put into prison for a long time without any trial. The bangalees understood the program and accepted it. In order to crush sheikh Mujib the Pakistani rulers started the ‘agartala shorojantro mamal’ and arrested him. There rose a turbulent mass movement in 1969. Ayub khan was compelled to release sheikh mujib and withdraw the ‘agartala shorojanto mamal’. When the movement reached the most critical stage general yahia khan came in place of Ayub khan. In the general election of 1970, the entire mass of the then East Pakistan stood behind sheikh mujib and voted for the Awami League. The Awami League had the absolute majority in the national assembly. But the Pakistani rulers did not hand over the power to the bangles. On the 7th march, 1971 sheikh Mujib delivered his historic speech in the sohrawardy uddayan. He declared,

“The struggle of this time is the struggle of liberation, the struggle of this time is the struggle for freedom.”
He summoned for the ‘non-co-operation movement. All classes of people responded to his call. Then the ‘Black night’ of the 25th march came. The Pakistani army fell upon the sleeping bangles and started the genocide. Sheikh Mujib was arrested and taken over to west Pakistan. Before his arrest, he declared the independence of Bangladesh. The brave bangles started the liberation war.

Conspiracy and death: some ambitious and power-greedy young army officers made a deep-rooted conspiracy against our dearest leader and nearest man sheikh mujib. On the 15the of august, 1975 they killed him along with the members of his family. Now the nation observes the 15th of august as a national mourning day.

Conclusion: the conspirators killed sheikh mujib and he died his physical death, but they could not kill his works. There is none in this world to do it. Now sheikh mujib lives In his works and he remains alive in the heart of the bangles. He will remain so far for years to come.

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