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Composition on The Victory Day of Bangladesh

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Introduction: freedom is the birthright of a man. Every man has an inherent instinct to live a free life in a free country. He can express himself well, discover his latent faculties fully and stand upright with an undaunted spirit in a free country. However, 16 December is our victory day. It is the day of emancipation from the shackled life of long 25 years under the brutal rulers of West Pakistan.

Pangs of subjugation: it goes without saying that there is none who wants to live a subjugated life nor does he want to wear the shackles of slavery round his feet or does he want to live a sub-human life with dishonour and humiliation. But as ill-luck would have been, we had to suffer under the shackles of slavery for long 190 years under the British colonial rule and about 25 years under the barbaric domination of the Pakistani rulers. Then we had been groaning extremely under the untold pangs and atrocities of these two autocratic rulers. The British colonial rule ended up in 1947 with the birth of two independent states called India and Pakistan. Bangladesh becomes a province of Pakistan under the name of East Pakistan. Since the dawn of Pakistan, the Pakistani rulers began to rule the Bengalese with an iron had with the very cruel attitudes of a stepmother.

A sky-high disparity was created by them in all the spheres political, economic, social and cultural. This deprivation and exploitation of the Pakistani rulers created serious governance and resentment among the Bengalese. At one time, they lost the truck of their patients of rose up and revolted against them. A lot of blood was shed in different movements against them on different issues. At last, came up the general election in 1970. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman won an overwhelming majority in the parliament. But as there goes a wise saying, ‘black will take on others hue.’ So did they do? They denied recognizing the landslide victory of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He then roared up like a lion and made a clarion call to the people to stand up and fight for liberating Bangladesh from the grip of the brutal. This declaration was made on the 7th march in the race course ground before an overwhelming crowd. He declared in a thundering voice,

“This time’s struggle is for freedom, this time’s struggle is for independence”

The result was that he was arrested and taken the prisoner to West Pakistan. As a result, the whole nation got plunged into a darkness of uncertainty. Then Ziaur Rahman, an army officer, came forward and declared independence of Bangladesh on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman from Kalurghat radio Kendra. People from all walks of life joined the liberation war of their own accord. This war continued for long nine months which ultimately turned into a bloody one. More than 30 lacks people were killed in the war. At last, came down our long expected victory. The Pakistani occupation forces surrendered to the allied forces at the racecourse ground on 16 December 1971. This is how we achieved our glorious victory. A new Free and sovereign nation ushered in on the world map. The people got wild with a world of joy and excitement and danced in the streets madly. The sky and the air were ringing with the patriotic song of Tagore.

“My Bengal of gold, I love you.”

How observed: the victory day is a colourful day of the most memorable days of Bangladesh. We observe the day with great honour, jubilation, and patriotic zeal. This day is a public holiday. Our national flag is kept flying on the top of private and public houses, offices and educational institution. We offer floral wreaths at the victory monuments. Government’s offices and buildings are decorated and illuminated on this day. Various social and cultural programmes are held throughout the country. The president of the prime minister receives the salute in the march past of the defence forces. Various theatre groups old street drama containing the themes of the liberation war. Some film clubs sow films made on the liberation war. Bangladesh postal department releases new stamps. Children and student organizations bring out colourful processions carrying placards and posters. Painting exhibitions by children are held. Ames and sports are held across the country. Special prayers are offered for the martyrs in all mosques, temples, and churches of the country. As the evening sets in, the air is filled with patriotic sons of the liberation war. A nit, the buildings, and other important sites beam wit neon and coloured lights. People from all walks of life attend these programmes with great joy and enthusiasm, the whole atmosphere remains jubilant throughout our day.

The significance of the day: it is needless to speak of the significance of the victory day in our life. We had to suffer deadly for long for lack of freedom and live quite a sub-human life. We had no other alternative than to fit out the oppressors from the land, we rose up and scattered the shackles of slavery and won victory on the 16 December 1971. This victory is undoubtedly a landslide event in our national history. This day is not merely day of the yearly calendar. It is a day of the great trill. It is a day of great sensation. It is a day of great victory a victory of justice over injustice, truth over falsehood, lit over darkness, freedom over slavery and humanity over inhumanity. It is a day of learning the lessons that the will of people prevails for man is born to be free and that the weapons be defeated and that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is our pride, our dreams, our life-blood and our victory day is our greatest achievement as a nation. We have got a flag, a country and an identity trout is victory day. But it is a matter of great sorrow that though we have got political freedom. We have not yet been able to achieve economic freedom. This is why we must take an oat on this day to make our country Independent in all respects. It is only ten that our victory will be achieved in the truest sense of the term.

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