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Paragraph on The 26th March / Our Independence Day

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The 26th of March is our independence day. It is a red-letter day in our national life. On this day in 1971, the independence of Bangladesh was declared and the liberation war was started. The Pak armies fell upon us and killed us mercilessly. They burnt our houses, cottages, mills, factories and so on. We also attacked the Pak armies and made them surrendered on 16 December 1971. We fought for about 9 months. About 30 lakh people were killed. They are martyrs. They are immortals. This day is a national holiday. Every year we celebrate this day in a befitting manner. We recollect their supreme sacrifice and respect their great contribution. The national anthem and patriotic songs are sung. The national flag is hoisted. Seminars, symposiums, debates, milad mahafil, and many other cultural functions are also held.

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