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Composition on Your Class Teacher

The teacher who attends the class in the first period is a class teacher. So, he deserves special mention.

Our class teacher is Babu Bijoy Ranjan Tikader. With the bell, he enters the class. He is a B. A.; B. Ed.

He comes to our class in the first period with the attendance register. At first, he calls over the rolls and marks our attendance register. Then he grants our petitions. He recommends our applications to the Headmaster for necessary action. He asks inflations from the absentees. He collects our monthly fees and fines. Next to Headmaster he is a charge of our class.

Bijoy Babu is a very good teacher. He teaches us English in a simple way. So, we can easily follow him. If we fail to understand a lesson, he explains once again keeping the language lucid, elegant and fashionable. He maintains a strict discipline in the class. He teaches the poor and the weak students after school hours without taking any fee. He advises us to build our character so that we may be ideal citizens of the country.

He always puts on dhoti and a Punjabi. Though ordinary, he keeps them neat and clean.

Bijoy Babu lives a very simple life. He is very regular and punctual. He has earned a name in the area as a good teacher. A teacher like him is found once in a blue moon.