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Composition on Your Native Village or An Ideal Village

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The name of our village is “Char Gungchil”. The village is in the district of Noakhali. The river Meghna runs through the west-south of the village. It is two miles long and one mile broad.

The village densely populated. About three thousand people here. Most of them are Muslims. The rest are Hindus. Most of them are educated. Some are service holders, weavers and traders and some are cultivators. There are some carpenters, fishermen, weavers, and potters here.

There are also two doctors and some teachers in the village. On the northern side of the road, there is a District Council Road. It joins the village with the outside. The nearest railway station is on the other side of the river. It takes about fifteen minutes to go to the station from our village.

The soil of our Village is very fertile. Jute, rice, sugarcane, potatoes, peppers etc. grow here in plenty. Besides these, various pulses also grow here.

The sanitation of our village is good. There is no malaria here. There are eight tube wells in the village. People drink water from these tube Wels.

There are two primary schools, one high school and a high madrasah in the village.
There is also a post office, a daily bazaar and a charitable dispensary in the village.
There are a temple and a mosque here. Milk, fish, rice, and vegetables are cheap here.

The village is self-sufficient in all respects. It is also free from litigations. Corruptions and prejudices. That is why it is called an ideal village.

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