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Short Paragraph on My Village

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  1. What is the name of your village?
  2. Where is it situated?
  3. What is the number of the population?
  4. What are their occupations?
  5. How is the communication of the village?
  6. What are the institutions there?
  7. What crops are grown there?
  8. Why is it famous for?
  9. How do you feel about your village?

Answer: my village goes by the name Kusta. It is in the district of Manikgonj. It is about a mile long and half a mile broad. A small river flows by the southern side of the village we have a vast cornfield on the western side of the village. Rice, jute, sugarcane, and other crops grow here in plenty. About five thousand people live in our village. They belong to different classes. They are farmers, laborers, traders, teachers, shop-keepers, potters, artists, carpenters, and the like. The houses and mostly made of bamboo, straw, wood and corrugated iron sheet. It has easy means of communication. A good pucca road runs through our village to the Upazila headquarters. There are two primary schools, a Madrasha, a sub-post office, a health complex center and a market in our village. It is famous for its trade, commerce, and cultural activities. I like my village very much.

My village

Question: write a paragraph about “my village”.

Answer: The name of my village in Manipur. It is in the district of B. Baria. It stands on the Titas. It is a renounced village. It is a large village. It has five thousand people. Most of the people in this village farmers. Part of them is day laborer and service holders. A big road leads to the village from B. Baria to Sylhet towns. There is a high school, a college for a woman, a post office, a health complex in the village. The village has electricity, gas line. We love our village very much.

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