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Paragraph on Daily Activities of a Teacher

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  • When does a teacher get up?
  • What does he do in the morning?
  • What an English teacher does in the morning?
  • How does he teach in the classroom?
  • What does he do in the off period?
  • What does he do at night?

Answer: Like the people of all other professions, a teacher has got some duties to perform daily. He gets up early in the morning and does his morning work. After completing morning work, he takes academic preparation. If he is an English teacher, he reads the text very well, learns the meaning of the difficult words and makes notes on important matters. When it is time for school, he starts for the school. If he is a class teacher, he takes the register to call over the rolls. In the classroom, he tries his best to present everything in a very lucid and simple English. Sometimes he supplies notes to the students. During the off time, he reads English newspapers. magazines, grammar books. dictionary etc. He corrects and modifies the notes made by the students. At school, he does various work and spends a busy time. When the school breaks up, he comes back home. At night again, he reads the English textbook and takes a good preparation. Thus, a teacher passes his daily life.

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