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Essay on “Women Make Better Teachers Then Men.” Do You Agree?

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I do not agree with the above statement, it is unfair to both sexes to make a sweeping statement like that. They have had good women teachers as well as good men teachers. I also have had bad women teachers and bad men teachers.

Generally, I can say that women teachers are gentler in their approach to teaching. They, being the so-called fairer sex, usually try very hard to make their lessons interesting. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t.

A class of thirty-odd young children is not an easy thing to handle by any means. Occasionally there is a class or two that are more difficult to handle than others. I happened to be in one of these classes. Though we meant no malice towards any teacher, I remember making our woman mathematics teacher cry because we did not follow what she was teaching. She did her best, but looking back I could see that she was too soft with us. That made us fool around a bit thus disrupting the class.

She was replaced by a hefty six-foot muscle-man. The very sight of this no-nonsense Hercules made us pay attention in class. One could say there was the proverbial ‘pin-drop -silence’ whenever he was in class. Did we learn anything from him? Well; we all did very well in mathematics, We had to. it was better than being targets for him to exercise his muscles on.

Then there was this woman who taught us English. She exudes an air of strictness that would put an army sergeant to shame. We could not fool around with her. She had a way with words that would make anyone feel small. Her command of the English language was astonishing. To argue with her was to get a barrage of words that we had no reply for. So to avoid being stung by this waspish lady we usually did as told. Though we did not like her words I must admit we learned a great deal from her. If it had not been for her I doubt if I could write as well as I am doing now.

I have been taught by many other teachers. They all have their own abilities and approaches to teaching. Some of them are definitely uninterested in teaching, especially some older ones of both sexes. Perhaps they were fed up with teaching the same thing year after year. So they make lousy teachers. But for those who tried their best, which most of them did, I realize that I cannot judge them. Whether they are men or women, each has its own strong and weak points. Each was good is his or her way. Sex does not determine how good a person is as a teacher.

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