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Paragraph on How to keep a Good Friend/Good Company

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There is a saying, “A man is known by the company he keeps.” So, it is very much important to keep a good company or a good friend. If you like to make a good friend, you should be conscious of certain things. First of all, watch the person very closely whom you want to make friendship with. Don’t make friendship at first sight or at the first meeting. Find some qualities in him. The qualities are truthfulness, sincerity, punctuality, dutifulness, obedience, etc. Watch whether he is sympathetic or not. The person must be gentle, polite and friendly. He ought to obey his parents, teachers and elderly persons. He must not do any terrorist activities. He must be a patriot. If you find all these qualities in him/her, he must be a good friend and you can make friends with him/her.

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