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Essay on The Census

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Introduction: The census means Government official numbering of the population. It is the enumeration of the inhabitants of a state done according to the order of the legislature. It is conducted periodically at the end of each ten years.

Aim: The purpose of a modern census is to estimate the growth of population and to ascertain generally the development of the people in every department of national life. It is meant to help the governments. In order to decide in which, the efforts have borne fruit and where they have not yielded adequate results. For example, if there be a larger increase in population then in the production of food, steps must be taken to reduce the gap and establish equilibrium or if the educational institutions have not been able to turn out trained personnel required for certain functions. This also has got to be remedied. To the economists also, census conducts with provides firm basis investigation and the formation of guiding principles. Thus the utility of the census for both practical and theoretical purposes is very great. In the age of science, it is an indispensable aid to ensure planned progress.

How to solve it: Naturally, the greatest precaution has to be taken to ensure the correctness of the figures arrived at under different heads. In a large country like Bangladesh with a teeming population and conflicting interests, this is certainly not an easy task. Alt is desirable to plan out successive stages of the work well advance, so as to achieve efficiency and the best results, enumerators have to be appointed, first to count the home steads and these have to be checked by suitably trained Inspecting staff; Then forms are printed and kept ready, providing different heads of enumeration. These include as a rule, of information about age, sex, education, occupation, religion, language etc. After these forms have been duly filled in the central office sets about the task of collecting, tabulation and classifying data which take up quite a long time. These are then carefully analyzed and studied by Socio-economic expert, who assess the all-round significance of the data collected. At the end the final report is drawn up.

Conclusion: In order to lead a modern state with discipline there must have the statistical information about its inhabitants, what is there occupation, their age, number of man, number of women, number of children, number of students, how many are able to work how many are invalid and over all progress of the country.