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Essay on Beggar Problem in Bangladesh

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[Hints: Introduction, Different kinds of beggars, How they beg, The effect of begging, Steps to check begging, Conclusion.]

Introduction: There are more beggars in Bangladesh than in any other country, because there is poverty. But there are other reasons as well. Those who are mostly religious minded believe that the poor are the most favored of Allah. Therefore, they think that to disoblige them is to displease Allah. Therefore, they think that to disoblige them is to displease Allah. They consider it pious act to give alms.

Different kinds of beggars: All these beliefs together with the common man’s kindness have encouraged begging in our country. And it is so wondering that many lazy and cunning people have taken to begging. There are blind, lame, dumb and deformed beggars in Bangladesh. There are also women and children among the beggars. There are able-bodied beggars and professional beggars too. Some sing and beg alms and some recipe from the holy book and beg for help.

How they beg: The beggars beg from door to door. Sometimes they are found in the crowdy streets shouting at the top of his voice for alms. Sometimes a beggar approaches a gentleman and annoys him until he gives him something. A woman is often seen sitting on the footpath with veil over her head. She had a naked child by her side and a piece of cloth spread over him.

The effect of begging: Whatever its cause may he begging destroys self-respect and self-confidence and brings down national prestige.

Steps to check to beg: Such a harmful practice should be stopped. Those who have taken it considering an easy means of earning a living should be forced to give it up. They have to be provided with honest work. Those who need financial help might be trained in some important trades. But those who are poor and unable to work should be provided with work.

Conclusion: Human dignity is very important, and so is national prestige. All that is spent for the sake of human dignity and national prestige is well spent.

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