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Story on The Honest Persons Are Rewarded by Almighty Allah


There lived a rich lady in a certain town. She came from a respectable family. There were very costly articles in the lady’s dressing room. One day the lady was away from home. A boy servant was dusting and cleaning the room. Sometimes he stopped his work and looked at the beautiful things in the room. At one time he saw a gold watch set with diamonds. As he took it in his hand, a wish arose in him. “If I could have such a thing!’ The next moment he thought, “I am a poor servant. If I take this, I’ll be a thief. Though nobody is here, Almighty Allah sees me, I can’t escape from His sight.” So the poor servant refrained himself from stealing the gold watch. At this Allah became very pleased with him. He blessed him with lots of wealth. Thus the boy, who wanted to remain rather poor than being rich and dishonest, was rewarded by Almighty Allah.

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