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Paragraph on Resources of Bangladesh

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What are the resources of Bangladesh?
  2. What resources contribute greatly to our economy?
  3. Can we utilize our resources perfectly?
  4. How can we utilize the resources?
  5. What can we achieve by using the resources?

Answer: Bangladesh is blessed with many natural resources. But unfortunately, many of our resources have not yet been exploited and utilized properly due to lack of technical knowledge and above all, poverty. Our population is also a great resource. But we could not make our population a resource, as a result of which a great many people take leave of the country and work abroad. However, of all the resources available in Bangladesh, tea, timber, jute, paper, and gas are contributing immensely to the national economy of our country. By way of exporting these resources, we earn a good deal of foreign exchange every year. By using human resources, we can really prosper as a nation. We can utilize the resources by establishing industries in large numbers in the country. Then many of the resources will be used as raw-materials while the finished products will be exported to bring more foreign exchange to make the country developed economically.

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