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Composition on Use of Natural Gas of Bangladesh

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Introduction: natural gas is our valuable natural resource with can change can change the fate of the whole nation of right decision is taken at right time. Many countries of the world possess valuable mineral hydrocarbon resources like natural gas. But a very few of those countries only could achieve optimum benefits our of such existing gas resources. Our country is one of the most fortunate that holds quite a significant reserve of natural gas. Now we should take proper step to ensure maximum utilization of the resource. The use of natural gas in Bangladesh is very limited.

Gas reserves in Bangladesh: a joint study conducted by the hydrocarbon unit of the energy ministry and Norwegian Directorate indicated that Bangladesh potential gas reserve could amount 41.6 trillion cubic feet (TCF). Earlier, the official estimate of the proven reserve was about 11 TCF. This latest study also indicated that the recovery rate in some major gas fields could now be higher-up to 75 percent in some cases. But earlier the recovery rate usually ranged between 51 percent and 69 percent.

Use of natural gas in Bangladesh: at present, the natural gas in Bangladesh is being used normally for power generation, fertilizer manufacturing substituting of gasoline domestic use as full, in commercial and industrial plants. However, about two third of our annual gas production is being used for power generation and fertilizer manufacturing. A very small number of our people use natural gas as fuel. Bangladesh should export gas 2 whether Bangladesh should export gas or not is a controversial issue. The foreign companies and a quarter of our politicians, economists, and strategic planners are in favor of exporting gas, especially to India while most of our experts and conscious civilian groups are against it. Both the group tends to present arguments in support of their view.

Conclusion: most of the time export is preferred by the national. However, export parse can not ensure growth. The positive contribution of exports to the economy depends on various factors. Thus, the government should take into account the popular interest instead of a loss.

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