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An Essay On Sher-E-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq

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[Hints: introduction, birth, early education, service and politics, political activities in Pakistan, death.]

‘Sher’ means a tiger. Mr. A. k. Fazlul Huq had the courage of tiger. So he is known as the Sher-e-Bangla. A. k. Fazlul Huq was born in 1872 at Chakhar in Barisal. His father Kazi Wazed Ali was a famous lawyer of the Barisal civil court. Kazi Wazed Ali earned a large amount of money and gave it to charity. Mr Huq inherited this noble virtue of his father. Fazlul Huq received his early education in a village Muktab. Then he entered the Barisal Zilla School. He had uncommon merit and secured first place in the class. He passed the entrance examination with credit. He passed the b.l. examination with honours. Mr Huq served as a professor of mathematics for sometimes. He accepted government service and continued for some years. Soon he resigned the post and joined the Calcutta high court. In 1906 he joined the all India Muslim league fonded by nawab Salimullah. He worked hard for his countrymen. He attended the roundtable conference in London. He organized a political party known as Karishak party and become the first prime minister of Bangal. He did his best to save the poor debtors from the oppression of the creditors. In 1940 he raised a resolution in the Lahore Muslim league conference demanding separate homeland for the Muslims. On the basis of this resolution Pakistan came into being in 1947. He formed the joint front and won victory in the election of 1954. He became the chief minister of the East Pakistan. He had been the home minister of the central govt. of Pakistan for sometimes. He had been the home minister of the then East Pakistan. Then he served as the governor of the then East Pakistan for a short time. This great leader of Bangladesh died on 27th April in 1962. He was a man of noble character. He was very generous and kind. He helped the poor in many ways. He established many school schools and colleges in Bangladesh. He loved the common people and the common people loved him.

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